Unity and Political Power

Political Power: Overcoming Voter Apathy

Political power is the greatest tool citizens can use to enact change.  Many citizens from disadvantaged communities are unaware of the great power they possess.  How often do you here people saying things like: “It won’t do any good; It’s just a waste of time; They do what they want anyway; My one vote doesn’t mean anything?” This negative attitude prevents people from exercising political power.  Complaining never changes anything.  Action is what forces change.

Political Power: Vote With Knowledge of Issues Important to your Community

political powerDespite what many cynical people will tell you, we live in a Democracy.  In this system, social and political power can be enhanced when a community consistently exercises their right to vote. Being knowledgeable about the issues and exercising the right to vote is how a community maximizes political power.  Remember, a strong democracy depends on an informed citizenry.  That is why it is necessary for a community to be aware of the actions of their elected officials, and challenging them to advocate their interests.

The role of knowledge and unity in gaining political power

Unity, knowledge, and awareness are necessary in developing a strategy to influence elected officials and civil service administrators. One person can be stalled or ignored, but a unified force is more effective in demanding action from decision-makers. The unified force must be knowledgeable about the issues they want addressed.  Organizing is often done by community organizations who often have the ability to present requests for action in a clear, concise, and organized manner.  It is important to know who your elected officials are and how to contact them about your grievances and concerns. http://act.commoncause.org/site/PageServer?pagename=sunlight_advocacy_list_page

Political Power of Group Economics: How to Influence the Political System

Exercising collective power thru group economics is an effective strategy for influencing elected officials.    The collective power of a unified force has some influence over the economic and political powers.  This is because the economic system – market capitalism and the political system – a republic are based on numbers.  In the economic system, success depends on creating a high demand for a product or service.  In the political system, success depends on who gets the most people to support the candidate.  The political and economic systems are linked together because the political candidates depend on business leaders for financial backing and to help them get their message out.  A unified force can also get messages out thru strategic use of  social media.  If the unified force challenges economic or political policies that ignore their interests, they can influence decisions. The key is making your support of businesses contingent instead of guaranteed.  Group economics can be used to support companies that help the community while withdrawing support from businesses who lobby for policies adverse to their interests.

Gaining political power by sustaining the energy of a movement

The greatest challenge to sustaining a movement is keeping the members motivated, passionate, and committed to the cause. To accomplish this, the leaders of the movement must explain to the members how the issue in question affects them.  Members also must believe that the movement is worth their time and effort.  That is why leaders of the movement should emphasize the progress that they make.  Energy, commitment, and action are necessary for success.  Remember, they only do what they want if you let them, fighting for a cause is not a waste of time, and you won’t know what will do good unless you try. It is our responsibility to future generations.  To find more information about political power and social justice click https://realinfo2action.com/social-justice-info-to-action.  If you want to start a movement, realinfo2action.com can contribute by helping to develop a strategy and by providing persuasive writing. For more info send email to garjoncollins@realinfo.com or click the following link for complete contact information: https://realinfo2action.com/business-writing

  1. I am a citizen of Ohio and have attended three gatherings already this year,
    one of which demanded to see Trump’s Tax returns, one to learn about the facts of Health Care, and one to greet Bernie Sanders and listen to his speech about the Republican’s Health care Plan.
    There are numerous issues that I have with the current administration, and I mainly voice my opinion on the Internet, signing petitions and such, and I am a frequent visitor at Disqus, where I enjoy debating political topics.
    I am recently retired, on a fixed income, and can’t donate as much as I would like, but I am always willing to attend protests if need be, and use my lap top daily to voice my opinion.

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