Struggle for Justice Info to Action

Justice and the Struggle

Unite for Social JusticeThis page, dedicated to fighting for social justice, will be updated weekly.  We understand that we can band together to challenge unjust decisions made by powerful people and organizations. The first step is raising the level of awareness among people from disadvantaged communities. We are committed to ridding our people of the defeatist mentality. We reject the idea of being powerless against the powerful. The rich and powerful could not continue to grow if they lose our support. We must make sure that our support comes with conditions. We must stay informed of the policies that businesses and organizations lobby for, so that we can make informed decisions.  We seek to motivate young people to be active, to fight for and demand social justice.  Our strength is in unity. Click the following link to understand our strategy.

Seeking Social Justice: Strength in Unity

Our power is magnified when we stay focused and unite in seeking social justice.  We cannot allow petty differences to cause division amongst us.  People in power do not want to see a unified effort against there financial interests.  They would rather instigate differences between people such as race, religion, ethnicity, education, social status, etc.  There is an article relevant to this topic in one of our posts.  If we stick together, the differences will seem minor in comparison to the bigger picture.

Social JusticeThe most powerful tool of the established power is to convince people that fighting for social justice is not worth the time or energy.  They try to promote the false idea that people from disadvantaged communities are lost causes.  They also try to convince us that our neighbors represent enemies that we have to compete with for crumbs.  They try to convince us that one of us must fail if another is to succeed – the pretext to the crabs in the barrel syndrome. Allowing ourselves to be influenced by the whispers of those who seek to oppress and exploit keeps us in a subordinate state of subjugation.

Sharing Ideas for Social Justice

We look forward to your input in discussions in our forums.  We will also discuss strategies to organize and mobilize people to pursue just causes and uplifting disadvantaged communities. welcomes the input of our visitors in solving the problems that plague our communities.  This includes working towards developing economic, political, and social solutions.  Remember, nothing is impossible.  Fighting for social justice is not a waste of time.  Ignoring injustice is something we cannot afford to do.  Click the following link to participate in a discussion about reducing the violence in our communities:  if we expect to improve our socioeconomic condition.  Click the following link to participate in a discussion about strategies to reduce violence in our communities:  Also encourage participation or get involved with positive organizations such as 100 Black Men or