Social Justice: Black Lives Matter Moving Forward

Slogans Used to Distract from Black Lives Matter

There are people who try and undermine the legitimacy of the Black Lives Matter (BLM)  movement.  In particular, the blue lives matter and all lives matter slogans are used to discourage support for BLM.  In the case of the blue lives matter stratagem, public sympathies are diverted to police officers.  This is paradoxical because repeated abuse of Black people, coupled with the frequent lack of accountability in police misconduct cases, is the reason BLM is needed.  The all lives matter slogan insinuates that BLM is based on prejudice.  The fact that all lives matter is self-explanatory, but this insinuation belies the reality that all lives are not treated equally. The all lives matter stratagem conveniently ignores that BLM  focuses on the oppression of African Americans throughout America’s existence.  This is typical of the strategies used by the opposition to distract from social justice movements.  To find the truth about BLM click the following link:

The Media’s Role in Hindering Social Justice Movements

Social Justice Defeating the stereotypesAfter decades of media coverage that depicted African Americans as violent, aggressive, or dangerous, it is a challenge for us to change public perceptions.  We do not control the media, but we can promote a more positive image of our communities.  This includes embracing positive principles as a part of our identity and rejecting negative labels that people with bad intentions try and stick on us.  Negative stereotypes, compiled and promulgated by the media over decades, are exploited by police union spokesmen when they lobby for increased funding.  These stereotypes are used as an expedient to convince the public that more police officers are a panacea for making our communities safer.  More police officers may help if they are trained to respect the communities they serve, but their are other issues that need to be addressed to advance our struggle for social justice.

It is a challenge to contend with a public  that has become desensitized to violence in African American communities. This desensitization probably influences the disproportionate acts of violence or aggressiveness by some police officers against African Americans.  It is also influential in court decisions where claims that police officers shoot unarmed Black men because the excuse that they use (they feared for their life) is routinely accepted by jurors.  This defense, frequently used in questionable shootings of unarmed Black men, is  usually supported by Police Unions.  They often supplement this strategy by using their platform to assassinate the character of alleged victims of police misconduct.  If we are to receive any semblance of consistent social justice, this problem must be addressed.

Social Justice Taking Responsibility for our Communities

It is time to focus on the safety of our communities, which is routinely subordinated to the interests of police unions.  To read about how the criminal justice system prioritizes the interests of others, click the following link:  Adding more police has become a politically popular action that has been prioritized over community/job development programs.  For this reason, we cannot rely solely on local, state, or federal governments for social justice.   How can we expect police officers to embrace programs that would reduce crime when they have a conflicting interest – to collect more dues by convincing the decision-makers that an increased police force is the only solution to solve the problem of inner-city violence?  Selling the benefits of an increased police force involves them exaggerating the threat of crime. This agenda conflicts with the concept of crime prevention thru economic development and positive activities.  ‎

Black Lives Matter began as a reaction to police violence against African Americans. Now it’s time to implement a strategy for social justice and economic empowerment.  Exercising group economics will give BLM a stronger voice to enact change.  It’s all about numbers, commitment, unity, and action – the driving forces of Democracy and Capitalism.  If we develop a strategy that gets enough people to commit, stick together, and take action, the corporate leaders and elected officials will be forced to listen to us when we demand police accountability and changes in law-enforcement practices.  To gain economic power, we must collectively monitor the companies we spend our money with.

Social Justice Thru Economic Empowerment and Group Economics

It’s time to extend BLM by demanding that corporations we spend our money with contribute to the creation of programs that improve our communities. To implement this kind of strategy, we need someone to gather information about how we spend our money and what corporations help our communities.  Then we should use  websites and social media to acknowledge altruistic deeds and positive partnerships between these companies and our communities.  In addition to publishing these good deeds, we should encourage our people to prioritize shopping with  companies that help facilitate our interests.  Economic empowerment is the key in our struggle for social justice.

Social Justice thru Economic empowermentWe must be vigilant and commit to the economic empowerment and revitalization of our communities. This is how we will procure funding  to pay for programs that would reduce violence.  When young people have positive activities to occupy their time, they are less likely to get into trouble.  This is also true of having hope. When people have hope, they are more likely to care about what happens to them, their neighbors, and their community.   Economic empowerment can provide them with hope and realistic opportunities for upward economic mobility to revitalize the community. Practicing group economics is a big part of it.  What is group economics? An economic interest group is a collection of people with common interests and concerns that advocate for economic benefit for the members of the group.  Group economics is how we will demand social justice and pressure society to respect the fact that Black Lives do Matter.


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