Healthy, Fit, and Sustainable

We advocate a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  A core part of our mission is educating our community on the benefits of consuming healthy thoughts and healthy foods.  Our leadership includes challenging the misinformation disseminated by people who prioritize their profits over your personal health and safety.  Big corporations promote and sell foods that can deteriorate your health.  The leaders of the food industry often neglect to include information about how they grow and process your foods.  They use chemicals and large amounts of sodium as a preservative.  When we consume these foods in large amounts, it can lead to future health problems.  To reduce future health costs, get in the habit of eating more healthy foods.  This will most likely cut down the cost for medications later.    Mother Carr’s Farm, a project of Vernon Park Church of God, grows and sells natural environmentally friendly produce, free of pesticides and other carcinogens.  For information on purchasing shares of produce, contact Tony Williamson, Farm Manager (773) 319-0575 or email: the website is social media   Click the following links to view videos of mother carr’s farm and what they are striving to accomplish:,,,

Choosing a doctor is one of the most important decisions you will make.  The doctor you select should be attentive to your individual needs.  He or she should also demonstrate a willingness to focus on preventive care by recommending the proper diet and exercise for you personally.  You should be able to get along with your doctor and feel comfortable asking he or she any questions regarding your heath.  To check the credentials of Doctors in your area visit  Also consider a nutritionist to help you plan the diet that will help you stay in optimal physical condition.

Good doctors emphasize the importance of an exercise regiment.  Exercise is a way to help maintain good health, keep the body toned, lose weight if necessary, and feel better about yourself.  Choosing a personal trainer can help you stick to an exercise regiment, choosing the right personal trainer will get you the best results.  We recommend Ashami Collins