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Education has opened doors for many people.  Often times when people progress economically, they leave a void by moving out of low to middle income neighborhoods.  This void can be filled when successful people talk to the youth, explain the importance of education, and spend time with them as mentors.  A successful academic program prepares students to be successful at each level of career development.

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It is important for us to provide a high-quality education for young people from disadvantaged communities.  We need a unified effort from teachers, students, parents, college reps, elected officials, and private sector employers to implement an educational program that does the following:

  1. Moving education up on the cultural chart of values by providing activities at school that help convince students that academic excellence is being a part of something important.
  2. Create an environment at schools where students want to be there.
  3. Convince students that a quality education and performing well in school is important to increasing career opportunities.
  4. Have successful people speak with students to explain the principles, work habits, and study habits that contributed to their educational and career success.
  5. Create an environment where students perceive competition for academic excellence as a strength instead of as a social weakness.
  6. Provide incentives and recognition for teachers who demonstrate an ability to motivate students.
  7. Supplement standardized testing with other factors to measure student outcomes and teacher performance.  Tests will be supplemented with competitive activities that demonstrate a student’s ability to apply learned principles.
  8. Create a work study program where college students serve as teachers aides from 1-3 and as tutors from 4-6.  This would give college students exposure to strategies of class management.  Teachers can mentor young college students who are contemplating teaching careers.  This program will offer them opportunities to receive extra credit hours towards a degree in education.
  9. Create a social image of teaching being an honorable profession.  Emphasize the value that teachers contribute to society.
  10. Provide after school programs that include tutoring.   Programs will also provide extra curricular activities.
  11. Every Friday, students will have the opportunity to perform in special events (plays, talent shows, fashion shows, etc.).
  12. Our major goal is to raise students’ confidence in their ability to learn. Our students will see themselves as young people capable of overcoming adversity and achieving greatness.  We want our students to themselves as victors not as victims.

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