Information for Action

Welcome to realinfo2action.com, a site dedicated to providing our visitors with valuable information that can be put to immediate action.  We provide advice for people who feel they have been mistreated by businesses, institutions, or civil servants.  We believe in mobilizing people for action.  There is strength and strength in numbers when people are united in a commitment to taking action.  If you believe you or one of your loved ones has been mistreated by an institution or business and ignored by an elected official, email garjoncollins@realinfo2action.com or leave a message at https://www.facebook.com/garjon.collins.  We can direct you in developing a strategy to address the injustice.  For a list of services click https://realinfo2action.com/business-writing.

Information on Family Issues and Education

If you have children, our family page recommends qualified child day care professionals.  For more info click https://realinfo2action.com/childcare-info-family-events.  This page also gives information on safe and entertaining activities for children.  Included in our core principles is a commitment to improving learning environments in the public education system.  To see some of our views on education click the following link: https://realinfo2action.com/education-info.  Most of our posts deal with issues that are relevant to social justice.  We take pride in mobilizing people to make positive changes in disadvantaged communities.   On our website we provide editorials and a forum to discuss  issues pertaining to everyday life.  Thru these forums, we hope to build a network of people committed to fighting for various social justice causes.

realinfo2action.com includes a page that promotes professionals from disadvantaged communities who are reliable and thorough in delivering excellent service.  For a list of professionals in a variety of fields, click  https://realinfo2action.com/professional-services.  realinfo2action.com also offers professional letter writing services.  If you want to contact the author of several articles posted to our website, click the following link https://realinfo2action.com/business-writing.  Supporting these business ventures will help us finance different projects that relate to challenging injustices committed against people who are overmatched by powerful special interests.  realinfo2action.com takes pride in submitting letters that call for action against unjust treatment.  When sent to the right authorities or elected officials, these letters usually get positive results. We are based in the Chicagoland area, but we serve people nationwide.   I look forward to communicating with you.  Hopefully the information we share will be of mutual benefit.

Information is powerful